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My name is Bill Ward and I am a lifelong dog lover. I've had dogs since I was 6 years old starting with a (mostly) English Bulldog named Spot. I'm a graduate of Washington State University. For most of my adult life I was a businessman in a variety of financial services enterprises. I do a bit of consulting but I'm otherwise retired and loving it.

Happy Campers
Backpacking with Cookie in the northern Sierra

I got involved in training dogs when I got my first Rottweiler, George, in 1989. He was an 8 week old puppy and it was soon apparent that without training we were all going to be in trouble. We took a number of group classes and both George and I learned what obedience training and performance was all about. George was a natural and we had a great time with our obedience work. After retirement I got another Rottie boy, Bob, and started showing him in AKC conformation events. We had a good time and Bob did well so conformation gradually became a primary hobby for our family. We've since campaigned two additional Rottweilers, Sam and Annie.

All of our dogs are family pets. Some are also show dogs. They travel with us pretty much everywhere we go. The Rottweilers join us on all sorts of outdoor activities. We day hike, backpack, snowshoe and cross-country ski with them. They are a hardy working breed and they love to go on our adventures.

I have grown to love the Rottweiler breed and have tried to learn as much as I can about Rottweilers as well as become involved in organizations that support the breed. I'm a member of the following Rottweiler organizations:

  • American Rottweiler Club - the national breed organization
  • Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California (ARF)
  • Golden State Rottweiler Club

I've been actively involved with ARF, our local Rottweiler club. ARF is an AKC sanctioned Code of Ethics club that is devoted to promoting quality and responsibility in the breeding and care of Rottweilers. I have been ARF's President, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Legislative Liaison and I'm currently ARF's Vice President. You can read more about ARF at its web site.

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Bismarck Rottweilers

Our kennel is named Bismarck Rottweilers. We raise, train and compete with our Rottweiler dogs. They share our home as our constant companions. We have bred one litter of Rottweiler puppies from our bitch Annie - you can read about Annie on her page and about her puppies on our Puppies page. Our Dogs are available at stud for selected bitches. Currently our Stud Dog is Sam - you can read about Sam on his web page. If you have any questions please contact us.

Sam & Annie on a Rock